Benefit Boi-ing Concealers

Benefit came out with new concealers, I did and sometimes still do enjoy their industrial strength concealer that they have had for a while now. I was curious of theses for various reason but on of them being the cute packing, have you seen the pencil pouch case set? Too cute.

I purchased this all by myself and got each one in the shade 2-Light Medium. I got the second shade out of the three they have available.

That’s right, three.

I think even most drug store brands have larger shade range than this so that was extremely disappointing. Each product shade was a bit light for me but the third shade was so pink and peachy it actually looked worse. So it was a total fail in that part. If you have the slightest bit of a dark beautiful skin tone, just pass this product in a whole. Unless you want to highlight with them, but honestly with so many options out in the market right now, this product doesn’t stand out as a must have.


The Boi-ing Brightening Concealer shade did work nicely on my skin tone, now I’m tan but have more olive and yellow undertone. The formula is a bit thick but blends out really nicely and it did do a nice job of really brightening up my under eye. Even though it did look nice, I honestly don’t see myself using it for much because it did look grey in the end because of my dark circles. This did not cover them at all, but I wasn’t expecting it to either way. The problem was when I layered this product on top of concealer to help brighten the area it would make my undereye look extremely cakey. It looked horrible. I somehow looked older and more tired. I would much rather get a full coverage concealer to both highlights and conceals like the Tarte shape tape. I would also just use a brightening powder to set my undereye. In the end, even if I wanted this to work, I’m probably going to be passing it along.


I’m in between really liking  Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer and not really caring for it. I loved how long wearing it is. I have been using it for a full day of work (10hours) and it looks good and covers my imperfections. It does have a nice airbrushed natural look to it. SO I really did enjoy this. The thing was the shade was a bit light on me and when I wanted to just wear concealer to cover my dark circles or blemishes I really couldn’t because the shade wouldn’t seemly blend into my skin tone. You would obviously see a lighter part of my face. So even if the wear and finish was really nice, the shade selection just really stops it from being a must have in my collection. I really wished they came out with more shades.


Even though this seems like a very negative post/review, I do want to end it on a good note. The Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer did become one of my favourite products. It really did hydrate my under eye and concealed them. Again the shade range still did not help me out but I looked past it because it did brighten up the under eye without making it look cakey. Instead, it looked fresh and smooth. It really reminded me of the Dior Prime and Conceal concealer.  The Dior one is one of my favorites so finding a more affordable option, was great. The shade range is really bad for both but it works so well that I just can’t stop using it. So if you have light/medium/tan skin tone and oily skin but still want a nice hydrating concealer that won’t slip around, look no further.

The packing really sucked me into buying all of this but over all this new line of concealer was more misses than hits but I just managed to work with all the products, but for the shade range and effort that I needed to put in, I don’t think theses are worth it, except for the hydrating concealer. That is the only product I see myself using regularly on an everyday basis.

xo, tearodriguez


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